License terms:When ordering products from Intoint, Program License Agreement has to be signed. Use the links below to download the appropriate documents:

To order INTOGRATE the following steps must be made:

1. Download and print the Program License Agreement and the Upgrade Subscription
2. The end customer has to fill the formular at page 1 and sign the agreements
3. Send the agreements to Intoint via order@intoint.com
4. If the product ordered is INTOGRATE AX or INTOGRATE NAV (Mail/CRM/Developer) please send a copy of the AX License code / NAV Voice Account number
5. Send an e-mail confirming the purchase to order@intoint.com
This e-mail must include:
– INTOGRATE version (Mail, CRM or Developer)
– Number of ERP installations
– Total number of ERP-users
– Name, address and contact person at End-user
6. Intoint will return an order-confirmation by e-mail, including the license code for INTOGRATE.